spiritual business coaching:

Have you experienced difficulties connecting with your customers, or making time to be in a creative space of flow because of stress, competition and fear? Is your business stagnating? Are you doing everything “right” but things are still not going well?

In order to help your business flourish again, we look at what is keeping it stuck, and this often involves personal matters that reflect on the business, fears and stress, also the employees well being, as well as the office or studio space, that harbors all the energies that have been in the space at any time. We work with a team of energy workers, psychics and astrologers to help you get back on track and make a lasting positive impact through your product and your vision.

personal coaching

Over the years while being a publicist, Corinna Springer has worked with many individuals, designers, artists, and stylists to help them get “unstuck”. Springer is continuing to work with individuals on their spiritual journey. She continues to offer coaching, energy work, visualization and meditation techniques that she has learned from her teachers and practiced for over a decade, and wants to share this wisdom with anyone who is serious about their life’s mission and spiritual journey.


"Corinna has done wonders for me. I thought I knew so much having practiced Meditation for over 30 years but after a life coaching session and a Rising Star session, things started to organically unfold with a much higher velocity in my Life. Work and money issues were embraced and the results are good, though I know soon they will be even better. I feel confident and trusting. The day after the Rising Star session was the most amazing afternoon of my life. I felt I was on a cloud with a red carpet unfolding under my feet. The two work meetings I had that afternoon and evening were so smooth and so positive, I could hardly believe it. I had to pinch myself. It never happens that way, but it did! I practice everyday the meditation and invocations she recommended and the Peace I always felt inside is now coupled with a feeling of joy and higher clearer vibration. I am so grateful and so looking forward to continue working with Corinna Springer." -CdL

“My Rising Star session with Corinna took place in her beautiful Soho loft space, which resonates with her compassionate energy. Corinna’s touch was gentle and the energy flowing through her was significant. As the Rising Star energy worked on my various chakras over the following weeks, I was able to actualize major life changes that moved me forward along my path in valuable ways.” -Sameer R.

"My akashic records reading that I did on my birthday with Corinna was a life changing experience that I am forever grateful for, and so happy she recommend me to do. It connected me further with my spirituality and enlightened me in many questions that I've walked around with and been having for years. Her way to level and help me translate the experience to implement it in my everyday life has been beyond helpful. I highly recommend Corinna as a healer. " -Kissey A.

“Before I had a Reiki treatment with Corinna Springer, I had only heard about Reiki here and there and I knew very little about what it entailed. The Reiki treatment as well as the life coaching session that followed really helped me feel more comfortable with myself and the decisions I had made in the past. I had a certain amount of anxiety about where my life was at that moment but after the treatment I really started to live more in the moment and embrace the present. Most of all I think the treatment made me more aware about who I really am and the things that make me most happy / excited. I've been more confident in just owning the decisions I do make. I feel more confident in my future because I know I can follow my heart and instinct. Corinna is a wonderful caring individual and her grace and guidance is something that has stayed with me. I really recommend her treatment to anyone looking to find their own way on life's journey and just simply live more positively.” -R.L.

“I took the Reiki Workshop with Corinna Springer (Initiation into Level 1 and 2). She made everyone immediately comfortable and created a safe space for opening up and exploring the (for me) new paths of spirituality. Through her class I became much more aware of the presence and power of the energy that constantly surrounds us.” -C.V.M.

“I cant say what exactly Corinna did while I had my eyes closed, but when I opened them again, some kind of transformation had started to come into my consciousness for which I am very grateful. I see the session with her as the beginning of a turning point in my life. Thanks so much” –L.O.

“Corinna's Reiki treatments have been instrumental in helping me navigate through important transitions in both my personal and professional lives. At first, I expected the sessions to sway me into a specific direction, but they helped me be more introspective resulting in decisions that I have never regretted because they came from my heart.” R.C.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Corinna on a combination of modalities including Reiki, Life Coaching and Rising Star treatments. Working with Corinna always brings about the highest results to resolve and bring to light whatever I have needed at each moment in time. Her approach is holistic, flexible and prescient. I cherish our ongoing relationship and consider her to not only be an adept intuitive and healer but a dear friend.” -C.O.

“Corinna is a beautiful soul and divine healer. My rising star session and reiki initiation transformed my life and brought me further along on my spiritual path. Without her help, i wouldn't be as awake as i am today. Thank you!” -N.R.

"As someone who strives to take responsibility for the energy I bring into the world and those around me, I was deeply impacted by the energy work performed by Corinna. What an enlightening and beautiful experience leaving me centered and fully in touch with my higher power."

–William Graper

"During the energy session, Corinna Springer unblocked something in me that had been keeping me stuck. Shortly after the session things started moving forward in my life. I found a studio space I had been looking for and a spiritual business coach to help me further along I also ended up going back to school to get a deeper training for a career path she had encouraged me.My journey is still unfolding, but I know that Corinna Springer was the catalyst that helped me to start making progress when I was most stuck. Thank you so much!” -C.K.

"Just writing to thank you for the wonderful reading! and thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful energy with me! it was a super interesting and very healing experience! even now I'm still releasing a lot of stuff... Through the akashic record reading with you I was able to receive much needed guidance about a few major changes that I'm working on, so I'm very happy with that because I was feeling pretty stuck. I'm infinitely grateful for the mysterious synchronistic events that allowed for me to get a reading from you, and for the even more incredible synchronicities that happened afterwards." -C.F.